Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's hard for me to believe that my baby girl is now 5 years old. Where does the time go?? She started counting down to her birthday around Christmas time, and was anxiously awaiting the day. She got to celebrate at preschool...but due to lack of planning ahead, I forgot to send birthday treats. So instead, Paige, Bode and I waited outside Miss Kathy's house with 10 purple Happy Birthday balloons for all of her friends. She was surprised...and THRILLED!! Especially since there were 2 friends absent from her class that day, so she got to take 3 balloons home. We took her to dinner that night at the Training Table, her choice (have I got her trained well or what??) But it still killed her to wait until Friday when... WE GOT TO GO TO CHUCK E. CHEESE!!! Claire has planned this birthday party since we went there 2 years ago for a cousin's party. She was dying to ride the clock and win a prize. I really was ANTI, but with a winter birthday, your options are limited. I loved the idea of not having a dozen 5 year-olds destroy my house, but did not love the idea of eating cardboard pizza for a hundred bucks. She didn't seem to notice that mom didn't pop for the "Birthday package", which meant we didn't have a happy birthday tablecloth or a balloon. She did want the token crown, but seemed to be satisfied by the light up tiara I had brought.
Claire had such a great time playing with her friends and opening presents. It seemed like the perfect party...everyone had fun!
There was a little drama over the cupcakes. She really wanted a princess cake from Costco, but mom really wanted cupcakes since they were easier. We went to Walmart and poured over the design book for about half an hour. When we went to put in our order, the kid told me I had to give them exactly 24 hours notice...not 21 like I had. So I took a sad and dejected little Boo elsewhere. Luckily, Sam's Club had Valentine cupcakes up the wazoo and everyone got a ring!
The party went on to Sunday where we had raspberry delight ice cream at Grandpa and Grandma's house and even more presents!! Claire was very disappointed the following Monday morning when she woke up asking, "What are we going to do for my birthday today?" Apparently birthdays are now birthweeks.