Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bode Vincent-VanGogh

It appears that Bode may have a future in art.  One might think that by documenting and photographing such a display that I encourage this behavior, or even tolerate it.  That is not the case.  This is simply a test of "one day I might think this was cute".  Today is not that day!
Sadly, this is not the first time Bode has tried to "express himself" in the art world.  His displays have been found several times in the past month or so.  You would think that big sisters would learn to put their markers away, especially after mommy has thrown so many of them away!  Bode's "works of art" have been found in purple on the entryway tile, royal blue on the living room wall and my bedroom door, pink on the toilet seat, red on the antique white buffet, black Sharpie on the basement fireplace, and today pink in his bedroom.  All markers have been disposed of in such a dramatic manner that the girls think they have "struck it rich" since I offered them a quarter for every marker they could bring me to chuck in the trash.  $11.75 later (plus the cost of 3 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers) I think we can FINALLY put this era to rest. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big changes for the Bod-ster

As sweet as Bode has always been, he has always been a sickly little boy.  It seems like he was prone to catching every little bug and it would take him weeks to get over.  At one of his recent sick visits, another doctor in the practice asked me if I was concerned about him being developmentally delayed.  I hadn't really thought much of it until that point.  To me, he was just perfect just the way he was!  But I scheduled an appointment with his regular doctor to discuss it.  I talked to Dr. Lash about how Bode didn't talk and I was concerned about him snoring.  Sleeping next to Bode had actually made me wonder on several occasions if he had apnea like his daddy.  Bode has had a positive strep test 5 times since Christmas so Dr. Lash sent us to an ENT to rule out tonsils before we jumped into sleep disorders.  I "self-chose" Dr. Garner Meads.  He was in my stake growing up and had taken Paige's tonsils out when she was just a few months older than Bode.  I was told that tonsillectomy's are no longer common in children under 3 or 30 lbs. due to scar tissue later in life that created problems.  But, he told me that Bode's adenoids were huge and needed to come out and that his ears needed tubes.  There is a fluid behind your ears that helps with balance and hearing.  Bode's was at a dead stand-still.  Dr. Meads told me that Bode wasn't talking because he wasn't hearing!  I was crushed!!  How was a mommy supposed to know her baby couldn't hear if he responded to my voice?  He rephrased...Bode couldn't hear clear sounds.  To him, everything sounded like it was underwater. 

Bode, just hours after surgery
We scheduled surgery as soon as possible, which was the following week.  June 25, we took my sweet boy in to have his adenoids removed at the South Towne Surgical Center.  The girls had spent the night at Aunt Marnie's so they could sleep since we had to check in at 5:30.  It went beautifully!  They were completely done within 40 minutes and we were able to just sit with BoBo while he woke up.  Dr. Meads told us that his adenoids were blocking more than half of his airway and were hiding severe infection underneath them.  He was put on antibiotics to kill that and we were told to let him rest for the day and he could eat and play when he was ready.  After picking up the girls, Bode and I went in to bed for a long nap, considering I had come straight from work to Bode's surgery.  He and I slept nicely for several hours before he wanted to get up and play.  They weren't kidding about kids bouncing right back from surgery!  That evening Bode played outside in the backyard with the girls and wanted Cheetos for dinner.  He was very tired the next several days and would nap for 4-5 hours every afternoon, but never acted like he was in pain.  Little trooper!
It has been several weeks since Bode's surgery, and his post-op appointment went well.  It took a second round of antibiotics to kill all the infection left behind from his adenoids, but he is one healthy, happy boy now!  We could almost instantly see a difference in him.  He has started saying a few words: Mom, Da-Da, Ba-Ba (bottle), HOT (every time we get in the car), help, more, and of course...ball.
Shortly into his recovery, I decided that the poor little guy had suffered enough and but his beautiful locks off!  With the heat of the summer, a full head of long hair was just making Bode sweat.  My cute hairdresser, CoriAnn was super excited to give him a makeover.  I know nothing about boy hair, so I gave her free reign.  It took a little getting used to.  He just looked like such a big boy!  But I absolutely LOVE it!
Bode is such a little comedian and has such a sweet little laugh!  He has his cute little quirks that we just love!  For example, he has to have his Dora pillow right in the middle of Steve's and mine, BUT our pillows are not allowed to touch his, and if anyone lays on his pillow, he pushes them right off.  He likes to be tucked in with his blue polka-dot snuggle blankie, which he will search out if it's not there.  He holds his binky in one hand while he drinks his bottle and does a quick change and hands the bottle off to you when he is done.  Bode is truly the product of two big sisters because he loves to push babies in the doll stroller and always wants to play with the shopping cart outside.  But yet, he is all boy in that he has quite a throwing arm, and LOVES to play with cars, trucks, trains and BALLS!  He will make "choo choo" sounds and wants to throw ANYTHING round.  I took him grocery shopping with me last week and the first thing he saw was a display of grapes.  He instantly pointed and asked for some "balls".  With a face like that, what mom would say no?