Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How Embarrassing!

My little Claire is learning to go potty like a big girl. And while we are so proud of her, sometimes it becomes really inconvenient. I have learned to carry the Dora potty in the back of the car for emergencies, but the problem with that is that she thinks it's fun to pee in the car, so she will tell me she has to go, just to see us scramble to pull over, get unbuckled, and rush to sit her on the seat. Sometimes she succeeds, but mostly car pee-pees are just for fun! The best part of potty-training is the magnet found in every public bathroom that draws little girls to it!
This last week I met a girlfriend for lunch at the Training Table. (Yes, cheese fries are my total weakness!) We were there about an hour and I swear my little Boo had to go potty 5 or 6 times! In our last attempt, Claire managed to hear some of the goings-on in the stall next door and loudly, gave me the play-by-play. It went something like this:

CLAIRE: Who made that toot?

MOMMY: (whispering) SHHHH! I don't know.

CLAIRE: (with a pointing finger to the stall next door) I think it was that girl!!

MOMMY: (trying not to laugh) OK, that is what we do on the potty, SHHHH!


CLAIRE: (looking between her legs, surprised) I hear that pee-pee and I didn't do it!


I quickly told my friend about it, laughing and blushing at the same time. At the end of the recount, Claire seemed quite proud of herself and simply laughed and said, "Yea, I did that!"

So, if you were embarrassed by a two year old in the Training Table bathroom last week, I apologize. Hopefully we will not ever meet under those circumstances again and you can do your business in peace!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So Smart!

Ok, so I just have to brag for a proud mommy moment. To keep my sanity at the grocery store, I often split up my list and give each girl one assignment to remember, find and put in the cart. (A little trick I picked up from Supernanny) Last night I sent Steve and Paige to get some things from the store. I assigned Paige a spice cake mix so that we could make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to send to Brady at the MTC. (His favorite!) It was freezing, and the windows had fogged up in the back of the car where Paige was sitting. As they approached the store, Steve asked her if she remembered her assignment. She simply told him, "I wrote it back here on the window in the sog". She then told him exactly what she had written...S P I S K A K E.