Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gone Fishin'

It has been so fun decorating our little boy nursery! When we bought the house, this room was already a "woodsy" theme, so it turned out perfectly that we were having a boy! Steve and I absolutely loved the log cabin awning they had built over the window, so we decided to run with it! It is a good thing I saved all my little nick-nacks from our West Jordan house where I was more of a "theme-ish" decorator. Our family room was kind of log cabin-y in that house, so I was able to pull out some old favorites that fit perfectly!

It turns out I am not great at picture taking since you can hardly see the paint on the wall. This was just the way we bought it. All walls are painted a light tan with a fat olive green stripe and a fatter brown stripe running vertically every few feet. Maybe hard to visualize, I suck at descriptions...but the stripes are big enough and far enough apart that it doesn't look "circus-y". Having a boy, I also got to try my hand at crib bedding again. After making Paige's I swore I would never do it...but this time seemed much easier. I picked out a brick red with a tiny olive stripe to make the inside of the bumpers and the bed skirt and then sewed an accent piece of chocolate brown ribbon with some olive rick-rack to the bottom of the skirt. The rest of the bumper is a mix of plaids (I think they call it madras?). Anyway...this time seemed much easier! I found some pre-made bumper foam at Jo-Ann's and just had to make the slipcovers, which were totally easy! Of course I had to make matching sheets too because all the ones we have are pink and all the new ones they sell are pastel! Even though I had done it before and used the same measurements, for some reason they turned out too small! I was pretty upset about the casualty, but forced them on anyway thinking I would make new ones before I actually put him in his crib since he will be in our room for a while.
So, now that I have the nursery ready, don't you think he should come out and join us, since he has his own fishing room to come home to? I'm sure that is all he has been waiting for. So until he does, you will find me in the rocking chair, waiting, reminding the waving bulge in my belly that this is all for him and I don't want it to go to waste!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just a little proof

For anyone who has met our girls and witnessed the way they scream at each other, bite, hit, kick, call names, pull hair, among other modes of affection towards each other. I just happened to catch this sweet shot to prove that deep down, past REM sleep, they really do love each other!

tiny dancer

I swear this girl will never let me take a good picture of her! All summer, Claire has been dying to start Tiffany Dance Company, just like her big sister! When she got her postcard telling me her class date and time, she carried it around for weeks. I even found it in her bed.

She does act a little shy in class, but that is just Claire. She warms right up to you! Paige was so excited that Miss Tiffany rememebered her and thought she might accidently mix up the girls names.

We were so pleasantly surprised when we walked in the first day to find her cute friend Ali in class too! I had wanted them to sign up together, but Wednesday nights didn't work for them, so I was so excited when they were there!

So far, Claire seems to be having a great time. She looks back to me for approval after everything she does and is sure to help us get out the door for class so "Miss Tiffany doesn't miss her!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

6 Years Ago...

It is so hard for me to believe that just six years ago, I brought this sweet little baby home. It is so hard to believe that in those short six years, that baby grew up to learn to crawl and walk (a miracle I never thought I would see with her after all the trouble with her feet). She learned to talk and laugh. She became a big sister and learned to share (we're still working on that one). This baby learned to spell her name and to read, and just last week, I sent that baby to kindergarten! Now this baby is an energetic, beautiful six-year old girl. Her birthday this year was a week-long event! It all started last Sunday at a birthday party/dinner in her honor at Grandpa BigMac's with her cousins. Grandpa had his right knee replaced this week, so we celebrated early! Paige, Claire and I decided to experiment with dessert and ended up with a fun butterfly cake to share. The cousins seemed to love it!
Paige's actual birthday was Friday. She was able to take her favorite book, "Parts", to school and also took yellow sugar cookies to share with her class. She was able to talk on the phone with her "birthday twinner" (Paige and her cousin Katherine were born 4 hours apart). Later, we went on a family date to her restaurant of choice, Sweet Tomatoes. The birthday rolled over into Saturday where we invited 15 friends to the waterpark for lunch. Luckily it was warm, but pretty windy, so rather than play in the water, the kids mostly played on the playground in their swimsuits, while the boys caught caterpillars. But no one seemed to mind the lack of "waterpark" involved in the party. Paige got spoiled rotten with presents and we went home in Barbie Heaven! She got to spend the rest of the day playing with her cute little friend, Chailyn, who has moved too, so we rarely get to see her!
And then Sunday came, and the birthday still wasn't over. We had planned a Vincent picnic for the birthday twinners that ended up being rained out (or should I say FLOODED out). It started to pour just before the party was about to start, and of course Paige's mom and dad were too preoccupied with birthday that we forgot our cell phones when we got to the park. After eating alone in the rain, we went home to find that the party had been moved to Katherine's. So one of the guests of honor was two hours late for her own party, but still got cupcakes and ice cream and best of all, got to see Katherine! Paige seems a little down that her birthday is now over, but mommy is grateful! I am beyond sentimental about her turning six this year and ready to wait one more before birthday throws up on us again!