Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vincent Updates

I am sorry...I know the two people who read my blog are so deeply saddened that I haven't updates recently, especially since we have kind of BIG news! But ever since I blew up my laptop (it turns out my surge protector wasn't "protecting" and I blew the motherboard!) I can't blog! Never to fear, a new computer is on the shopping list in the next few weeks.

First big news...it is nearly official! We have accepted an offer on the condo and put in an offer on a new house in Herriman! We close in two weeks. I have pictures, but without the computer...leads to lack of posting them. We went to see it again on Saturday and simply opened the back door and let the girls run. The yard is completely fenced so it is so perfect for them and I can't believe how hard it was to pry them out of there! It is exactly what we both wanted and we can't WAIT to start our lives there.

NEXT...(once again, no pics even though I have some) we had an ultrasound last week. Of course the baby profile popped up first (how do they always do that?) and then we looked around and watched the little heart beat for a while. She asked if we were finding out the sex as she rolled down to the legs. Suddenly on screen I saw something I had never seen on ultrasound before! OUR BABY HAD THREE LEGS!! The ultrasound tech assured me this was not an abnormality, but a sure sign of a healthy baby BOY! Steve was thrilled and I was stunned. We would look around at the arms and feet and face, but Steve kept asking to go back to the goods. We checked from every angle several times to "make sure". Finally the girl told him, "I am 100% positive it is a boy. There is only one thing that could be!"

Paige was thrilled to get the news and Claire was a little bummed, until we handed her a blue balloon and then she seemed to forget her woes of a new brother. She asked if we could try for a sister next time. Yea...we'll see.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Something to Grow on

As the weather has started to warm up, the girls are loving playing outside riding scooters, drawing with sidewalk chalk and most importantly picking dandelions for mommy. (They are plentiful in our yard! Good thing I pay my HOA fees to take care of those for us. Maybe I should start giving Paige and Claire my HOA fee!) As sweet of a gesture as it is, and they are lovely, I have started trying to discourage them because I am tired of holding on to dead weeds. I have told them that the flowers need to stay in the grass so that they can get water to grow.

Last night, Paige and Daddy went for a walk. Along the way, Paige found a dandelion to pick for mommy, but quickly lost interest in carrying it so gave it to Steve. She kept checking back with him though to make sure he still had it, so he couldn't just ditch in it the gutter. What a good daddy, he ended up holding on to that flower for two hours while they played at the park and stopped to visit with friends, who were making cookies, so who wouldn't wait around for a hot one... or dozen?? As they started their walk home, Paige checked with Steve one last time to ensure he had the precious treasure. Sure enough, in his hand he clutched the wilting flower. Paige told him, "Don't worry daddy, the flower will be fine. I spit on it to give it water!"