Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Highlights

Bode's first Christmas proved to be very uneventful. He woke up before the girls, long enough to eat and konk right back out! He woke up again just in time to open stockings. Poor kid...Santa only brought him practical stuff. Diapers and binkies. Maybe next year...
I think Claire was the most excited of the three for Santa. On Christmas Eve, Steve pulled up Santa's location on Norad, showing the girls how close he was. We told her that if he came and we weren't asleep he would skip over us. I've never seen her run so fast yelling, "I'm tired right now!" She was right too, she went right to sleep, only to wake up around 4 to come in our room and let me know that Santa had come. She was thrilled with the Dora tent Paige gave her, and the Tinkerbell Tea Set, Dora video game and Polly Pocket cruise ship she got from Santa! She also loved the cupcake jammies she got from mommy and daddy, so much she still has them on!

Paige really struggled going to sleep on Christmas Eve. Does that surprise me?? Heck no!! Steve finally snuggled her in our bed until she fell asleep around one. She was thrilled with her High School Musical Barbies and Easy Bake oven. However, she was a little disappointed that Santa didn't bring her the biggest thing on her list. It was so sweet, it read "Moslee I wot Brady". She misses her cousin on his mission so much! Lucky for her, this is his last Christmas in France! And he was sweet enough to send her and Claire presents, so I guess that made up for it.

Steve and I had decided to forego gifts this year and buy each other a treadmill so we could be "looking fine in 2009!" We were both happy with our choice but were very surprised by all the snow that Santa brought with him this year. So, after hours of shoveling and one heck of a sore back, Steve talked me into a snowblower too! Too bad they had flown out of the stores Friday morning. We finally got it today, so I'm sure there will be no more snow this season!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

This year Claire danced in her first ever recital. She performed at the Festival of Trees and in the Christmas recital. Her dance was "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". It is the same one that Paige performed her first year in dance. It was even the same costume, so we got double use out of it! (And I must admit, it was so stinkin' cute TWICE!)
I was a little unsure of how Claire would do since she will never perform for me at home. Her first performance was darling. She danced a little bit, but was more concerned with singing along. We could hear her from our seats! Steve and I couldn't stop laughing, she looked so dang cute. Last night's recital was totally different. She danced so well, she hardly missed a step! Except for the part when she slammed into the back of her friend, Ali, nearly bowling them both over! We loved watching every minute of it! Paige sat on Steve's lap and danced right along with them.

We have been lucky to have Claire's little friend, Ali, in the same class. They have so much fun together and it has been great to spend time with the Andersen's even though we moved away.

We have also been blessed to have found Miss Tiffany. Both the girls love her and she is so great with them. We ran into her at Chili's after the recital and she was so sweet to stop and say "hi". Paige is so excited to start back up again once her feet heal and Tiffany has promised to save her a spot as long as we need.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They're Gone!!! Now what?

After six long weeks of asking "Is it December 4th yet", Paige finally got her casts off! She was so excited she could hardly sleep the night before. She just kep saying, "Tomorrow I am going to be movable!" Little did she know...

We had explained to her what would happen. They would use a machine to cut off the casts, but it would not hurt her, just be noisy. But I don't think anything could have prepared her for this. She was terrified once they started cutting and was horrified at the sight (and smell!) of her legs. We knew she had lost some weight with her casts on, but her little legs were so skinny! She just kept screaming, "I'm hideous, put them back on!"

Once the casts were off, it took four people and Steve to hold her down to scrub her legs with warm water. They found two large wounds from the incisions on her feet and instructed us to soak them everyday. (I have pictures, but they are not for the weak of hearts! They even made me a little woozy)
Now the real wait begins. With her feet in a different position than she has ever walked on before and her legs stiff as boards, she has to learn to walk all over again. The scabs on her feet terrify her, so she hates to have them unwrapped and soaked. She has stood a little bit, and will take a few steps, but needs to be reminded to put her heels down too. Unfortunately for her, my patience has run out and I am SO ready for her to start moving! For now, we just keep pushing her a little bit each day and continue to check up with Dr. Santora weekly.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just one more reason to love Target!

I have always had my kids pictures taken at Target simply because I felt like they did a decent job at a really great price. They always have a coupon online for $3.99 or $4.99 a sheet plus a free 8x10. They don't charge a sitting fee and when you pick up your pictures you get a coupon for your next visit (if you do an online survey, which I always do!) I wanted to get Bode's blessing pictures taken and I wanted the girls to be in them, but was hesitant considering Paige's situation. I explained our plight when I called to make the appointment and they were so accommodating! I scheduled the appointment for November 13 as I have to keep myself busy that day every year to avoid staying home wallowing in the misery of missing my mom. Mom definitely came with me to Target for photos that day because they turned out perfect!! Our sweet photographer Sarah, (who I will request for eternity!) was so great to help. Who would guess Paige is sitting in a wheelchair with bright red casts on both legs?

She was able to catch Bode's first ever smile! Not just a gas bubble, but a true smile! She was thrilled too. Neither photographer had ever had that happen before.
My all time favorite pic was apparently hers too because she asked my permission to display it in their studio! When I picked up the pictures two weeks later they showed me the enlargement (I think it is 20x24) and the spot they had in mind to hang it! She told me it would be after the holidays since it will be replacing a Christmas portrait, so come January check out the South Towne Super Target for the famous Vincent Beauties!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Purple Woobie

Apparently the lesson this week in nursery was about gratitude. Claire's teacher brought her to me in Relief Society for a potty-break and she was so excited to tell me that she had drawn a picture of her "purple woobie". When I picked her up after class I was told that they drew things that they were thankful for. The purple woobie actually started out as a pink woobie. The Relief Society had brought over a rather odd-shaped pink fleece blanket to welcome Claire into the world. It was too small to really use so I just threw it over the back of the rocking chair in the nursery. One day while snuggling, Claire reached back and grabbed it. She pulled it to her face, sucked her thumb and went right to sleep. She took such a liking to it I had to get more, just in case! However, not just any fleece would do, I ended up calling the R.S. president to find out where it had come from. When we got to Jo-Ann's Claire reached right out to touch the purple fleece, so that is what we got! I just bought a little bit and cut it into two snuggle sized pieces. We would rotate between pink and both purples, but when one purple got lost, the pink one lost its luster and Claire wanted nothing to do with it. We have tried to buy more "back-up" woobies, but they just aren't the same. The way this one curls up on the edges just so is irreplaceable.
The purple woobie is obviously an important part of Boo's life. She doesn't sleep without it and nothing fixes tears better! Over the summer we had a real scare with the woobie. We had been up to visit friends in Clinton and didn't get home until after midnight. In putting Claire to bed we realized the woobie was gone. The tantrum of all tantrums ensued. We searched the entire house and retraced our steps of the day. The last time I remembered seeing it was at lunchtime at Wendy's. Daddy saved the day by calling Wendy's to see if we had left it there and sure enough, there it was! The dining area was closed, but since you can "Eat great, even late" Steve went through the drive-thru. Claire was so thrilled to see him walk through the door with the purple woobie! I guess it is part of her babyhood, but we just can't let go! I know she won't take it to kindergarten, so what is it hurting? It's just part of what makes Claire...Claire.