Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just call me SUPER-MOM!

I can't believe this is what our family was doing a year ago. Looking back, I really don't know what I was thinking? How was this a good idea?? A two-week old baby and a 6-year old in half body casts who just cried in pain for most of the day?
The good news is...WE SURVIVED!!
Paige had a check up at Shriners last week and we were told...all is well! (for now)
They did all sorts of measurements and found that Paige still is not able to flex her left foot (not even to a 90 degree angle) so we were assigned some daily stretching exercises and go back in 10 months. She has said recently..."I'm really going to miss my wheelchair this Halloween. It was kind of fun not to have to walk."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goodbye, My Friend

Last year in Kindergarten, Paige was lucky to find a sweet little friend named Layla. When Paige was in her casts/wheelchair, Layla would beg Miss Holliday to let her stay in during recess and sit with Paige. Miss Tiffany (our awesome dance teacher) saved a spot for Paige in Layla's dance class so they were able to be together.
This year, going to first grade was pretty nerve-wracking for both of them since our school boundaries had split and a lot of their friends were going to a new school. When we walked in to meet Paige's teacher, we were thrilled to find Layla's desk right next to Paige's! Since then we have played almost every day and truly become the best of friends. So you can imagine our broken hearts when Layla's mom announced that they were moving to Tennessee. They are leaving November 1, after they go off track. The girls have exchanged email addresses and once they get settled, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to practice writing by being pen-pals!

Last week, while I was preparing to host Bunco, Steve took the girls over to play at the school to grab a few shots of their favorite things to do together so I could use them later for a "farewell gift". The tire swing is their absolute FAVE!! Surprisingly, it's not the ride either of them really want...they love to push it!
And Paige, my little monkey, has taught Layla how to climb the monkey bars this year. This is how every school day ends...with a little play time at the school with Layla before we go home...and play with Layla!
Paige has been so fortunate to have a friend like Layla...we will certainly miss her!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween BUNCO!

OK, I have become one of those ladies who LOVES to play BUNCO! I never quite got it, so in the summer when my friend, Manda, asked me to be in a group I hesitated. But then she sold it to me as one girls-night out a month. The first time was a little awkward, since we didn't know how to play and we only knew each other. But, DANG, this is one fun group of ladies! Over the past few months we have become closer and when we get together we have a really LOUD, good time! It is so fun, I look forward to it every month. Especially this month, since I was hosting. Of course I picked October, so that I had an easy theme. I picked out my prizes early that I ended up keeping two of them and having to replace them with something else. They were so cute! And to make it even more fun, I required that everyone show up in costume.
Taunie and Amber...saloon girl and rodeo clown

Manda and me...flapper and cavegirl

Who Needs Toys???

This will be another one of those posts where Steve will say to me, " First of all, I can't believe you took pictures of that...and secondly, post them on the Internet for all our friends to see??" What's a mom to do? It all started with a boy who loved the splash. Bode would find random elastics, McDonald's toys, shampoo bottles...and throw them into the toilet. I found it rather amusing...and warned the family to keep the lid down. Obviously, we all did a great job heeding my own advice. Bode grew out of throwing things into the toilet within a week or two. He had moved on to something better. He had discovered that while throwing something into the toilet made a nice splash, it only lasted for a second. The splashing could last much longer if he stuck his whole arm in there!

So cute, but totally busted. I love how he looks at me like, "WHAT?? Is this not ok??"

And...going in for the splash. (Not to worry...we are good flushers at our house, so it is just water!)

And the classic Bode smile we all love. Notice his left arm is soaked!

Since the "close the lid" phenomenon didn't seem to catch on, maybe we can master closing the door! But who am I to take away the boy's fun?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"One" Sweet Mess

Bode's birthday bash went off this weekend without a hitch! I "hired" (and by hired, I mean asked) my cute friend Heather to help me make some invites...but instead she just made them for me. (LOVE HER!!!) I must admit...they were darling! I had no idea we knew so many people, but by the time we invited both McClure and Vincent families, and some close friends, we had 50 people coming!! I always order my cakes from Costco because they are so yummy, and for my kids first birthday I have always gotten them their own little cake from WalMart. But this year I couldn't find little cakes at WalMart...just little cakes and cupcakes from Sam's Club. And considering our lengthy guest list, I picked both...and don't they match nicely??
We started out with presents and then let everyone have their cake before the entertainment. As we were serving cake and ice cream to everyone, I looked over at Bode, who was just longingly eyeing his friend Kade's ice cream (the kid is a true Vincent...he LOVES ice cream!!) I bet we had a dozen kids playing in the basement, but when they heard Bode was about to dig in, they all gathered 'round. As per tradition, we stripped him down to his diaper and let him go!

He was timid at first, although eager to try it. Bode has never been much of a "self-feeder" so I thought this could get interesting. He started by picking off each of the three orange balloons, and then the yellow edging. I finally helped him out and pushed his hand a little deeper so that he realized there was something else inside. Although being a frosting lover myself, I can't blame him.
Soon he was grabbing handfuls and shoveling it in. But I must admit, I was proud that he was pretty neat and tidy about it. If a crumb fell to the side of him, he was quick to pick it up. And (unlike his mother) he showed some willpower and knew when enough was enough, and politely pushed the cake away with his feet.
Then, much to the children's dismay, it was off to the of Bode's favorite things. But not to be wasteful...Bode sat in the tub, licking frosting from in between his chubby little fingers before playing in the water. And despite the extra little birthday boy slept just fine!
The girls have decided that there is no more growing up in this house for our favorite little boy. So hopefully he enjoyed his 1st birthday, because according to his big sis...that is all he gets!
We love you, little one year old boy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Repair" to be SCARED!

Last night, Steve and Claire dropped Paige off at dance and decided to go for a little drive. Their main purpose was to go see the lake, but they found some fun and spooky Halloween decorations on their way. Claire spotted the traditional witch crashed into a front door and said to Steve, " to be scared!" And speaking of repairs...This morning I was scrambling to get Claire off to preschool for her first ever field trip to the Fire Station and couldn't find my glasses. I knew Bode had pulled himself up to my nightstand earlier, so I began looking under the bed and through all the diapers (clean and unused!) that he had pulled out looking for them.
Well...I found one piece...and then another...and then another.
I showed the pieces to Bode and asked him if he knew anything about this.
This was his response:
the culprit: Bode "SweetCheeks" Vincent
the victim: sadly mom's only source of vision

It was a clean break, however I think they may be beyond repair. As you can see, both arms? (is that what they are called?) are completely off along with the hinges that hold the frame together. I pulled out my old glasses to get me to preschool, and Claire laughed out loud! She said, "Man you look all old glasses have look like that?" So I guess the glasses I had picked out in high school are no longer "cool". Maybe I'll go back to contacts for a while...oh the joy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Star Student of the Week

Last week, Paige came home from school so excited that she had been given an "award" at school! She was awarded Star Student of the week! I still don't know a whole lot about it...I think the teachers nominate kids and then get together and vote. Regardless, she was so excited! She and I had accidentally slept in a little bit that day, so I checked her in late. I guess they got a little bit nervous that she wasn't at school and were so relieved when she got there and immediately called the assistant principal to take her picture.
Paige got her picture on the wall in the main hallway for the week and was given a certificate, a free Frosty coupon and a free kids meal at Applebee's. (Sadly, she hates that place!) It appears she was awarded for her "positive attitude". She must use it all up at school because by the time I pick her up at 3:25, it is all gone!

We are very proud of you, Paigearoo!

The State Fair

Earlier this month we decided to show our "Utah State Spirit" and join some friends at the State Fair. None of us had been in ages and thought the kids would just love it! So we headed downtown and met up with our friends, the Longs and the Larsens.The girls were thrilled to have a chance to play with their friend Jackson, who we rarely get to see. He is younger than both of them, but Paige loves to play "little mother hen" to him. They grabbed hands on their own, which was so cute I had to grab a shot of it. There was a lot of walking around, a lot of "I'm tired's, I'm thirsty's, and I have to go to the bathrooms". I wish I had thought ahead to stash a cooler in the bottom of the stroller because we spent a TON of money on just drinks and snacks.

Bode, of course...just smiled!

We took the kids over to see the Bear Show, not realizing the next show was not until later that night. I was quite amused to notice the difference between my cute first time mom friends and me. Our girls ran wild, climbing up and over and hanging all over the bleachers while we visited. Jackson and Molly's mommies were a little more nervous..."Be careful...Don't do that!" Love you Heather and Marsh!!
The kids did have a great time...but unfortunately our friends didn't last too long. Greg had hurt his back (to save him embarassment, I will keep the reason between us) but he hunched lower and lower over the stroller until he finally had to go home. And Molly was pretty much done with being in the stroller, so Marsha and Brady left too.
And yet, Bode kept smiling!

We found it interesting how much sanitizer was around the pig area, but not around the other animals. (Swine Flu, you know)

The girls were so interested in seeing the animals they didn't even notice the smell. They wanted us to tell them the name of each and every our animal experience lasted a LONG time.
We were able to catch a live alligator show, and the bear show. I wasn't so amused by the bears, just had a hard time biting my tongue to keep from laughing at the host of the show who spoke with a lisp and kept mentioning how "thpectacular" the bears were. And I am proud to say that our diets weren't horribly scarred by the yummy treats we were able to consume there...strawberry and cream funnel cakes and potato ribbons!! We couldn't find the frog legs and chose to pass on the deep fried Twinkies.