Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Rumors are True!

Yes, it is true. I guess I kind of slipped up there mentioning crazy hormones, or maybe the workers at Maverick are ratting me out for my daily hot dog cravings, or maybe Paige has gotten to you since she announces it to everyone we meet. Either way, it is true. I am pregnant. We will be having a third baby in October.

Holy cow...third baby. That just freaked me out. I guess I should have called this "What were we thinking". Especially since I can hear the girls fighting from here and still feeling the pressure of selling our two bedroom condo and now the need to buy a minivan! Is it true that carseats expire after 5 years? Did I save them all for nothing? And is it really not okay for boys to wear pink ruffles and play with dolls? What will I do? I'm not announcing that it is a boy, because we won't know for a while, but it is a true panic of mine.

Don't get me wrong, we are all excited. But I am preparing myself for at least one disappointed child since they both want different things. Paige says she asked Jesus for a brother but Claire needs a little sister to boss around. I am sure I would be more excited too if I didn't feel like throwing up all the time, and I could get my necessary 22 hours of sleep per day. Until then, I will live in scrubs, with no makeup (except special occasions), my children will continue to look homeless in their pajamas all day, and my poor husband will continue to starve or eat take out.
But in the end, we will have a new baby to love!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

He Made It!!

This is our sweetest nephew Brady. Just before Christmas, he left for the MTC in Provo to prepare for his mission in France. I wasn't surprised by how emotional we were to say goodbye to him, especially considering what we have been through together. Steve and I had dated for less than a week when I first met Brady and he instantly found a hole in my heart and weaseled his way right in. We have been best of friends ever since!

After a tough few months in the MTC, he finally left for France last week. He had a few hours to kill at the airport and I was so pleasantly surprised to get a phone call! We talked for about 20 minutes and both just cried! (It didn't help that my hormones are all wacky and I cry over burnt toast) It was so great to hear his voice and he was so sweet to talk to. We told each other how much we missed each other and how much we loved each other. I also told him how proud I was of him for making this life changing decision. It worked out great because I didn't grab the phone right away, so I have a short message on our machine for us to keep for the next two years.

The girls just adore him and ask about him all the time. In fact, we had French Toast the other night and they were thrilled to be eating food like Brady. They love putting daily stickers on his chart, counting down until he comes home. Paige has even figured out how to change the language on DVD's so they can watch them in French so that when he comes home they can all talk together. Paige was so excited to see that we got pictures emailed to us yesterday that she kissed the screen! It is at least a weekly occurance where I will find one of them quiet in a corner by themselves and when asked about the problem, the tears start to fall and they admit they "just miss Brady".

Well, we were certainly thrilled to hear that he has arrived in Toulouse safely and from what the mission president says, he has the best trainer possible! He is in good hands! The scary part is seeing his apartment...or should I say cardboard box?? Holy cow, I don't know how these boys have that much faith that they are willing to give up two years of their lives to live like that? I know he is being blessed, and I actually feel like we are being blessed through his service too.

We love you Brady!! Good luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Oh, my poor heart can't take this abuse! After eight long months of "You have a showing in 20 minutes" and "Your's is their top choice, but...", we finally accepted an offer! It was lower than we really wanted, but it was a cash buyer so we wouldn't have to deal with financing falling through. We had agreed on a closing date of April 1, which I knew from the start was a bad sign. I even asked my agent if he was joking. After three weeks of looking for a home to buy, and no luck we went out one last time, determined to find "the house". I convinced my agent to take us through some brand new spec homes that were above our budget, but I knew that they had been sitting empty for a LONG time and the builders just might be desperate to get rid of them! As we pulled up to the house, Steve and I knew it was it. Especially as we walked through with me saying, "I love these cabinets!!" "These closets are huge!!". Steve walked through saying, "Check out this deck!!" and "This garage is huge!!". Aside from having plenty of room for our growing family, the house behind it was on a lower lot, so the view went right over the top of their house and we could see forever!! It had a great view of the mountains, the new Temple, we could even watch fireworks on the 4th of July at the U from our back deck!! We were so excited and happy, until our agent received a call from our buyers agent. She had come through in the early fall and loved it, but had to sell her house first. She was so excited when hers sold and ours was still available. However, her agent was calling to tell us that her buyers "couldn't get financing" and therefore couldn't buy the house, which means our buyer can't buy ours! Could timing get any worse? So, I guess we are back on the market. Back to shoving laundry under the bed because there is an agent in the driveway, and back to buying stock in Febreeze!! I am trying to keep a positive attitude and I know everything happens for a reason, but really?? This sucks!