Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Formal Night

Our last formal night on the ship was by far better than the first. Probably because no one was sick! During the past week, we had become very close with our waiter, Cupid from St. Vincent. Earlier in the week I had asked him if Creme Brulee was on the menu again during the cruise. We had it on the first night and I had been dreaming of it ever since! Tonight he showed up with a special surprise...Creme Brulee for everyone!! I couldn't have been happier! I actually think Steve got up and hugged him!
Kirk, however, was not so appreciative of the dessert. So, Steve began making jokes to Cupid about throwing Kirk overboard. He must have thought Steve was incredibly funny because he kept bringing other staff over, telling Steve to tell them about the "splash in the night".

Throughout the cruise, I was set on getting just one good picture of the two of us. Since it really has been since our engagement pictures over 10 years ago. So I dragged Steve to every photographer on the ship. I'm sure to Carnival's joy, we found several!! I think we spent more on pictures than tips!
Steve and I are so grateful to be able to spend the week together. It was so nice to get away and remember each other a little bit, since that seems to get lost in the shuffle of kids and daily life. And it was even better to have such great friends to share it with!


Mel said...

very cute and looks like you had tons of fun. AND it is nice to see a girl who is taller than her husband--us girls have to stick together.

Brooke said...

Sorry to disappoint, Mel...I'm in 4 inch heels. WHY, you ask?? While it did make me taller than Steve, it did wonders for my legs!! A girl has got to sacrifice, right?

Heather said...

You look beautiful Brooke! Love the pics of you and Steve!

Stephanie said...

You look so pretty! Those are some great pictures- Amanda looked so cute too!