Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Golden Start...

We have another graduate from Miss Kathy's Golden Start preschool! My baby girl had her last day last month and was so excited to show us what she learned at her graduation program.

Granted it was the same program as when Paige graduated, but it was equally as special to me to watch Claire sing and dance on stage. I love Miss Kathy's rendition of the Three Little Pigs and in their nursery rhyme portion Claire got to play Old Mother Hubbard with her little friend Ella as her dog that didn't get a bone.
No graduation program would be complete without self-portrait's adorning the theatre and a slide show of the great year they had!
Thank you Miss Kathy! We are so grateful for everything you have taught our sweet girls. Can't wait until Bode's turn! But for now, we will just count the days until kindergarten!

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