Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dancing Ladies!

This really is my favorite time of year. Not only is the weather FINALLY starting to warm up, but the girls have their spring dance recital!!
I think it's that overwhelming sense of pride I get as a mother when I see my little girls on stage, looking SO beautiful, performing something they have worked so hard on. I just LOVE it!
This year, Paige took a jazz/tumbling class. Although she is a really good dancer, I think she prefers the tumbling. She is getting "quite bendy" as she tells me.
Paige met her cute friend Camry in kindergarten last year. They have such a fun time playing together, but with the new school opening in our area, Camry moved to the new school for first grade. Luckily, she wanted to take dance with Paige so they still got to see each other once a week!
Claire took ballet/tap this year. I have been so impressed with how quickly she picks up on things in class and when she performs she is never the girl watching everyone else. She knows her moves!
Claire is in the same class with her friend Ali. I don't know if they love taking dance together so much as the tradition of our families going to kids night at Chick-A-Fila after class almost every week. Poor Claire had a rough recital day this year. There she was on stage in her cute little foam curlers for dress rehearsal practicing the finale when she started to feel sick. She stood up, turned around and went running for Paige. Suddenly I hear Miss Tiffany in the microphone yelling my name. "Brooke Vincent...Brooke Vincent!! She's puking!!!" So with all the grace an overweight mother could muster, I ran to the stage and since the stairs were flooded with dancing girls I jumped onto it, pulling myself up with my enormous butt high in the air. AHHH...a mother's love. Poor Claire had handfuls of vomit, dripping onto her feet and all over the stage. After a little cleanup (and a Coke slurpee on the way home) she was fine. Claire took a long nap that afternoon and was ready to roll by recital time.
Just LOVE these girls!! They danced so well, and looked so amazingly beautiful!


Heather said...

They are simply adorable! You are the best Mommy ever taking care of your sweet girls. So glad it all went well in the end.

Jen said...

So cute! It brings back memories of my dancing days. Claire looks so much like you...I love it!!

Stephanie said...

okay so this makes me want a little girl so bad! What adorable girls and costumes!